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What we do best:

Sequrits Cyber Security Institute provides clients the best of both worlds: Expertise in knowledge transfer (Education) and Security Services (Consulting), with a solid reputation and international recognition in the IT Security industry.

Using our technical infrastructure and global team of experts, we provide our client companies’ with additional support after executing a penetration test, Digital Forensics Investigation or providing dedicated training. We are able to deliver customized training solutions to meet the needs of every business or individual.

Receive Free CHFI CBT worth $1395.00

Advanced Mobile Hacking & Forensics: Hack. Trace. Investigate. Apprehend. Advanced Mobile Hacking & Forensics: Hack. Trace. Investigate.

Training Styles                          Security Services

Blended Learning Combine the best aspects of computer based and instructor led training for optimal results.
Penetration Testing Secure your information assets from attackers both inside and outside your infrastructure.
Mentored Learning One on One Coaching and Mentoring with Flexible Schedules.
Risk Assessment Optimize and secure your business-critical information.
Live Virtual Learning Live Virtual Learning with Real Hands-on Security Learning Labs.
Digital Forensics Systematic Investigation for supportive evidence of a crime or suspected computer mis-use